Integrating skilled gamers from developing countries with Web 3.0 companies and the Metaverse opportunities.

CGU has evolved to offer their community (gamers, digital citizens)  the ability to take part in a decentralised economy, generate sustainable income via learn to earn and metaverse work opportunities, while developing new digital skills and engaging with an energised global community.

The Challenge

CGU in the transition of being a platform for lending NFTs to blockchain gamers helping to increase their earnings, identified the need of a own Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to manage data from different sources (discord, social media, metamask) and connect with gamers with certain skills to train and offer job opportunities in the blockchain.

Invorious has provided talented and experienced gamers and senior developers to define the best product from the user perspective and operations manager perspective. With a continuous development approach we’ve created a purpose built CRMs, gamers focused mobile application, cloud installation services and more.

  • Sources integrations - Web 2 and Web 3
  • CRM - Reports System
  • Opportunities
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