EigenLayer mint page checked for user’s interactions with previous deployed EigenLayer smart contracts and Staking API protocols, with these information it was possible to select a tier for the EigenWorld NFT, that would affect the aspect of the generated EigenWorld, those tier were:

Firts: Standard Tier: User has neither staked on EigenLayer nor is owner of Zora NFT

Second: Zora TIer: User is owner of Zora NFT

Third: Staking Tier: User has staked on EigenLayer

Once a user connected their wallet, the EigenWorld tier was gathered from our database updating the EigenWorld 3d model on our client application, once the user was satisfied with the EigenWorld aspect, the mint process would start by performing an on-chain transaction to the EigenLayer NFT contract, when this transaction it’s approved, our server application initiate the art generation process and upload the result to a cloud storage. Users would be informed about the transaction result, and would have the option to share their twitter handler.

The Challenge
Invorious with cooperation of Hype and EigenLayer created a free mint page for EigenWorlds, an art NFT, combining a 3d model with the user's wallet, a typed seed and previous interaction with EigenLayer applications.

From Business Strategy: Market research to identify users expectations, deciding how and where to get information needed for the EigenWorld Tier, development and launch agreement and integrating workspaces from multiple sources

From Technical Implementation: Integrate a 3d model made on Three.js on our React application, index information from multiple smart contracts and art generation, since these required multiple configurations on AWS and puppeteer


The EigenLayer mint page was open for a week and we managed to be at the top 10 Art NFTs on OpenSea, with around 140.00 mints and about 118.000 unique users.

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