Family Tree is a web application that allows users to create a comprehensive and organized genealogical tree. With the ability to add information for each member, such as name, date of birth, profile image, and more, users can easily navigate through the tree to change the point of view of each member, add relationships, and members from ex-marriages, and more. Additionally, users can import any GEDCOM file to load a previously created tree.

The Challenge

The team faced several technical challenges, including developing a database structure capable of handling large and complex family trees, designing an intuitive interface for adding and editing member information, and implementing a system for navigating and visualizing the tree from multiple perspectives. The team also needed to ensure that the platform was scalable and secure, as users would be sharing personal and sensitive information.


The solution developed by the team was a web application that allowed for the creation and visualization of family trees. By hovering over a tree individual, users could add parents, partners, siblings, or children to the tree. The tree owner is the first member created, and by navigating through the tree, the point of view would shift from the current user's perspective to that of the new owner.

The platform was developed with a user-friendly interface, allowing users to easily edit and add information for each member. Additionally, the ability to import GEDCOM files allowed users to quickly load previously created family trees, saving them time and effort.


The Family Tree web application was successfully developed to provide users with a comprehensive and organized platform for the creation and visualization of family trees. The team's solution allowed users to easily navigate and edit information for each member, while also providing the ability to import previously created trees. Overall, the platform provided an efficient and user-friendly solution for managing and visualizing complex family trees.

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