Seizon, a hybrid on-chain and off-chain WEB3 application, approached Invorious with a vision to create a pioneering platform that merges utility-based NFTs with an innovative tokenomics model. Seizon aimed to provide NFT controllers through compatible smart contracts, develop robust backend and frontend technologies, facilitate crypto payments, and enhance user experience within a growing community.

The Challenge

Enhancing User Interaction: Implementing features to boost community engagement with NFTs, such as: An impactful and intuitive graphical interface, expanded functionalities for NFT upgrading and customization, as well as a marketplace creation, administration panel for marketplace management and technology integration, leveraging a combination of technologies and software development to deliver desired functionalities.


Invorious and Seizon successfully completed the development of the new application version, which received an excellent response during testing. The product is now deployed, and Seizon continues to monitor its performance and user feedback. Invorious remains a strategic ally, poised to evaluate and implement any new functionality or improvement required in response to evolving technological trends.

Seizon's collaboration with Invorious has positioned it as a pioneering force in the NFT space, delivering innovative features and an engaging user experience, while Invorious continues to support the platform's growth and evolution.

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