WeedGang is a multi-player on-chain/off-chain defi strategy game that combines utility-based NFTs with a tokenomics model and PvP gameplay in a cannabis-themed metaverse.

The Genesis Strain Collection (GEN1) licenses and tokenizes the genetic IP of authentic, exclusive cannabis strains from real-life breeders that can be collected, bred and traded to accrue value. Breadth of strain collection, time spent holding strains, breeding strategy, and risk management all converge on elegant tokenomics and iterative generational progression to grow value for the player and community.

The Challenge
Immerse users into a growing and battling experience with gas free transactions

Creating off-chain $RAKS held to a new type of game were all transactions could be taken place with a gas free transaction, making game cost way cheaper for a better user experience!

Players can live the experience of being a cannabis breeder, combining two WeedGang Strain tokens would create a new WeedGang Bred Strain (WGBS), this strain can grown and be part of new strain breedings. Once a user had no more use for a strain, this could be burn to gain some $RAKS in return.

Users can join at any time to a PVP Battle tournament, where each strain would fight to prove it's the strongest cannabis strain breeded.


V1 -  Mint, trade, and buy one or more of a limited edition of authentic, original, and exclusive GEN1 Strains. IP has been licensed through equity sharing with a diversity of prominent and credible breeders from real-world cannabis history. An official WEEDGANG strain is never minted twice.

V2 - Breed new strains, stake them to get $RAKS and perform gas free transactions, use them as well to join amazing pvp tournaments and claim your opponents strains, and don't forget to burn your leftover strains.

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